lauantai 18. joulukuuta 2010


The one,
and only.

Last night's dream

I was wandering at the downtown,
all alone,
I was freezing,
without love,
scared of dark alleys.

Shadows were eating ground,
except one,
it walked towards me,

I raised my head,
the shadow was she,
she said,
"I love you."

After all, it was just a dream.
I'm never going to feel the feeling of,

Matter what I try,
I still fuck everything up,
I know it.

Ex Nihilo Nihil

After all,
why are we all here ?
What is our purpose ?
What is our destination ?

If God really exists,
when and why God has been made ?
Who's the creator of God ?
And who's the creator of God's creator ?

After all,

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit,
something we can't understand, never ever.


Shattered dreams,
unending cry,
why ?

Why it's always me,
why none else,
why ?

Words from your mouth,
I thought they would light me up,
vice versa,
they made me falling,
falling from the dreams,
and when I hit the land,
it.. will.. hurt.

There's this girl waiting for me,
the one that I love,
but I'm too afraid to tell her.

She always listens to me,
cheers me up,
her words,
cheers me up,
her smile,
cheers me up

She is the one,
I love the most,
but I'm afraid,
feelings are not equal.