keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010


Went through my life in my mind, just quickly.
And I realized that.. Your words have made me uplifted when I've been sad, your silly things have made me laugh, your voice is speech of an angel, it's soft, calming and after all, loveful.

We've had our fights & distinctions, but still, we hold on together, as friends, like we're designated to be friends, for the rest of our lives.
This is the feeling that I have towards you, don't let it go, don't let me down.
I've said bad things to you, done bad things to you, but behind my words, it's.. me.
A person who holds on you, keep you in my mind, every day, because, I love you, as a friend, a greatest of them all.

But now it's time to go sleep,
goodnight !

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